Your Public Relations ePortfolio

We recommend you rename this page, delete this text and add your own. If you want to keep a version of this, you can clone it and then save the duplicate as a draft.

Welcome to your ePortfolio for the PR Stream in Communication at TRU. This is the first page that your viewer will see. Consider what information you want to provide here. Who are you? This is a great place for a short bio. What is the purpose of this e-portfolio? Who is your audience – are you writing to your professor, a classmate, the general public, or somebody else? Where should the viewer click next?

To work on your Media Kit for CMNS3550, click here for the Media Kit page.

To work on your Communications Plan for CMNS3550, click here for the Communications Plan page.

When editing this page as well as all other pages in your site, it is important to remember it is up to you to ensure the colours, fonts, icons, and images suit the tone, message, audience, and purpose of your ePortfolio as you have the option to change these features. For example, I used the TRU Brand Guide to select TRU Blue as the theme colour for this ePortfolio.